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Brian C. Jones, Father of 1: Black Father Spotlight #3

October 31, 2019

Brian C. Jones, Father of 1: Black Father Spotlight #3

We had the honor of interviewing a strong father that is a part of the Black Fathers Exist community! We would like to introduce you to Brian Jones, a Father of 1. 


BFE: What makes you proud to be a father?  Unlike the negative stereotype, I grew knowing many great Black Fathers and to become a Black Father myself, it brings great joy to join that club of Men providing for their children. When my son looks to me to provide food, or comfort, or to just play, he reminds me of the responsibility that I hold to equip him with a live example of what a Black Father should be and what a blessing that is!

BFE: What message do you want the world to know about Black Fatherhood? We are here, and we are changing the narrative by providing presence over presents!

BFE: How many children do you have and how old are they? 1, Brian H. Jones is 2 years old

BFE: As we promote Black Excellence in our community what would be the number one piece of advice that you would give your children in order for them to live up to that?  Be the change you want to see, lead by example, and don’t be afraid to do the right thing.

BFE: Being a great father begins with self-improvement. What area of your life are you currently working on to be a better father? Being more compassionate, allowing my son to make mistakes and teaching him through communication. Give him a space to ask "why", and explain it, rather than the “...because I said so” response.

BFE: Lastly, what words of encouragement do you have for Black Fathers in America?  Keep going, you only fail when you quit. No one is perfect, but you are the perfect Father your child(ren)!

Brian, thank you for sharing your thoughts on Black Fatherhood with us today! Your words are powerful, and we send many blessings to you and your family! BFE family, feel free to follow this brother on Instagram here: @Me_n_Mrs.Jones

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